Our Past Inspires Our Present

What began as a small leather goods company has become one
of the world’s leading developers and distributors of luggage,
travel bags and accessories.


And So It Begins

Capitol Leather Goods Inc., a manufacturer of leather goods and handbags, is founded in Montreal.

Photo: Capital Leather Goods headquarters from 1931 to 1993


Young. Poor. Determined.

At 14 years old, Sammy Rapps drops out of school to support his struggling family. He is hired by Capitol Leather Goods as a shipper, earning $0.17/hour.

Photo: Sammy Rapps’ first time book entry (name misspelled)


Venturing Out

After leaving Capitol Leather Goods and working elsewhere in the industry, Sammy Rapps dreams big and bets on himself by starting Nu Mode Handbags Co.

Photo: Sammy Rapps pricing a handbag at his desk



Capitol Leather Goods opens an office on 5th Avenue after its handbag sales throughout the Northeast continue to grow.


Sammy in the Sky with Handbags

Sammy Rapps believes that the future of handbags is in brands and licenses Nu Mode Handbags’ first brand, The Beatles.


You Can’t Script This

30 years after having left Capitol Leather Goods, Sammy Rapps buys the company and merges it with Nu Mode Handbags under the Capitol Leather Goods name.


Less Is More

Capitol Leather Goods abbreviates its name to “Calego”.


Young At Heart

Calego directs its focus away from handbags and towards character brands and children’s licensed products. Calego signs California Raisins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman before the decade is done.


Like Father Like Son

Stephen Rapps guides Calego into a new era as Calego builds a deep portfolio of licensed brands and becomes the leading licensee of character branded products.

Photo: Stephen Rapps and Sammy Rapps


A Modern Approach

Calego expands its production overseas and Irwin Ludmer takes over operations and logistics, making Calego leaner and more agile.

Photo: Irwin Ludmer, Sammy Rapps and Stephen Rapps playing on the job



Calego + Pokemon = the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable plush backpack EVER!



Wendy Rapps and Hocine Yenneck expand Calego’s distribution of children’s backpacks and accessories into and throughout Europe.


Stars, Stripes and Leafs

Richie Copelovitch steers Calego towards adult luggage and grows Calego’s distribution throughout the United States and Canada.

2015 – 2019

The Sky’s The Limit

Calego and iFLY redefine the meaning of quality, stylish luggage by offering travelers luggage that is miles ahead of its competition.


Health & Wellness

In a year defined by Covid-19, we kept people, retailers and leading organizations safe with our best-selling smart kits, face masks and sanitizers.

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